What’s Your Plan to Re-Engage Lapsed Customers?

You’ve worked hard to obtain great customers, and you have an ongoing direct mail program to help retain them. But what happens if those customers stop buying from you? Do you have a strategy to get them back? Here are three reasons direct mail is a powerful tool for doing just that. Unlike email, mail…
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Is Investing in Data-Driving Messaging Worth It?

Still on the fence about investing in data-driven messaging for your print campaigns? It takes additional time and expense to develop marketing databases, create customer profiles, and develop messaging for personalized communications. Is it worth it? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some new data from Epsilon: 90% of consumers see personalized…
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What Makes Top Marketers Tick?

What are the world’s top marketers thinking as they enter 2018? decided to ask them. Every year, the company surveys marketers around the world about the state of the marketplace, how the channel mix is changing, and how they are feeling about their marketing practices. In the report, “The Fourth Annual State of Marketing,”…
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