Goodway Group works with a New England based grocery store chain that is focused on providing the best value to their customers.Because value is a guiding mission for the company, they spend very little on extras that don’t support that goal.

Since these signs played an important role in driving sales, the chain wanted to create attractive signage for all their stores. They also wanted to give managers the flexibility to still create their own signs, but have those signs look more professional. Finally, as a company focused on value, they didn’t want to spend too much money getting these signs created and produced.

Goodway developed a process for producing high-quality, accurate printed statements with variable amounts of content, lengths and formats. To accomplish this, Goodway developed a process where they receive the data each afternoon via secure FTP. This data includes information about promotions that are happening chain-wide, as well as any requests from managers for store-specific signs.

Download the case study for the full story.

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