Collateral Management

Reduce inventory with up-to-date, on-demand print communications

Do you know PRECISELY how many types of collateral you have, how many are being ordered each day and how many are obsolete? Do your salespeople have EASY and QUICK access to the materials needed to close a sale? Do you have a reporting system that can IDENTIFY which collaterals need to be pre-printed and stored, and which should be printed on-demand?

Goodway has the right experience to develop and manage your inventory to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum expenditure.

Using our cloud-based, on-demand production portal you can develop the perfect process for managing inventory to the needs of your users. Users can log onto the site and if desired view only what is current and available in inventory. They can even be restricted to how much they order within a certain timeframe to ensure availability to everyone using the system. Inventory is automatically maintained for lowest cost and when replenishment or new orders are needed to be produced, they are printed on high quality full-color and monochrome digital presses. Or if quantities warrant we can print them on our offset presses.

The on-demand solution can have a robust functionality

System capabilities include triggered emails on ordering with order receipt, need for administrative approvals, reminder of pending orders, and a direct hyperlink to the shipping carrier’s tracking site. In addition, the system can provide managers with status on the inventory levels and automatically generate orders for on- demand production of depleted parts.

For enterprises maintaining hundreds of product collaterals, with varying expiration dates, sizes, formats and approvers, the Goodway system is the ideal solution for managing collateral to lowest cost.